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And so you have already done everything to get to the kraken: downloaded Tor, went to the site and registered. Now it remains to figure out how to buy krmp cc on the site, what are the features. We analyze step by step how to buy an onion for the kraken.

The main question is how to buy KRAKEN on the k2web site

In fact, the process of buying on the Kraken site is not so different from how you buy on any other online store. But still, let's take a step-by-step look at the scheme. The first thing you will need to do is top up your balance. You can do this with a direct transfer from a bank card or pay with cryptocurrency. In addition, the kramp cc onion website has its own exchanger, which is very convenient and often helps out. Next, we are looking for the seller and product we need. To do this, there is a navigation on the left, where everything is quite conveniently listed by category, you don’t need to look through hundreds of pages, just select the section you need and there will be sellers exactly according to your preference. You can also use the search if you already know what you want and what kind of seller you need. Next, we select the product we need and make a deal. After that, you will have a day to pick up what you ordered and close the deal yourself. If you took the goods, but did not close the deal, the kraken system will do it automatically. In addition, if you have any questions or concerns, then a ticket will be available to you both with the seller and with the guarantors of the kraken. Which is very convenient. As you can see, shopping at krmp cc is quite convenient and simple, no additional difficulties, I went in, saw it and bought it.